ArchiTech studio is a professional architectural, 3D modeling/rendering and software development studio, committed to offer creativity in design, and quality in architectural 3D grphics,

through the best ongoing skills development in our service.As a company, ArchiTech was founded in 2005 by an architect with over 8 years of combined experience and a perfect understanding of the architectural community.

Customer satisfaction, product quality, and commitment to schedule are our highest priorities. 2D, 3D rendering and computer animation complete our visual presentation capabilities of architectural designs and concepts.

We can represent projects with details and realism, appropriate to any purpose. We possess a skilled professional workforce and use the most advanced techniques.

ArchiTech is constantly striving to improve its methods through innovative thinking, software enhancements, and improved production resources.

Architecture: Our solutions are as unique as our clients lives and needs.We design contemporary buildings with the same degree of integrity as we do when we preserve and recreate buildings of historically diverse periods.

Our projects have included custom homes, commercial and retail renovations, and interior and furniture designs.We take a special interest in working with technologies that preserve the environment, while they provide cost-savings for our clients.

Our projects display uncommon design continuity, since we create both the architecture (building shell) and the interior design.We believe so strongly in the unity of architecture and interior design that we’re licensed as an

architectural firm and we’re certified as an interior design firm.Our expertise encompasses all governmental agency approvals, construction supervisions, interior finishes, and furniture design and artwork selection.

3D Graphics Dep: 3D Animation Services include 3D Graphics, Character Animation, Models and Logos. For Architects, Interior Designers, Inventors for Prototypes,

Medical, Industrials, any companies needing 3d Animation, Modeling, Presentation or Video production. 3D graphic animations including animated 3D models are a great way to bring

to life an idea or design that is still on the drawing board or just difficult to describe with words.3D animations can make visual that which is invisible or hard to conceive.

You have a chance to preview and experience your vision before a major investment is made to produce the reality.Our 3D Department will provide you exactly what you have imagined.

We will try to bring more life to your product and bring it more to reality using 3D technology.We are experts in architectural, character animations, prototypes, and interactive and industrial 3D products.

Over the years we have made a name for our work.We have gone to build some of the most complex structures in architectural field into 3D.

Our clients have always been satisfied with our work and we keep working until they are fully satisfied.We deliver what our clients want and keep striving to reach perfection.

We work in an energetic studio environment, in which clients, consultants and contractors all become active members of the design-construction team.

Our enthusiasm is contagious — our design-construction collaborations are fun for everyone involved, and our client-architect/designer relationships are long-lasting.